Dr. Roger Allan

Dr. Roger Allan

Director of Curriculum Design - 360Solutions

Roger K. Allen, Ph.D.—author, consultant, coach, teacher—is a respected expert in leadership, communication, team development, and personal and organizational change. Roger and Preston Pond founded the Center for Organizational Design in 1992 in order to help businesses create high performance/high commitment organizations. Some of Roger’s past and current clients include AT&T Capital, Ashland Chemical, Burson Marstellar, Coach Leatherware, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (several radio stations) Denver Museum of Nature and Science, DSM Dyneema, Honeywell, Kaman Industrial Technologies, KeyTronic,

Merck Pharmaceuticals, Proctor & Gamble, The US Forest Service, Qwest, and many others. Examples of a few recent consulting projects include redesign of a $1 B distribution company from 200 branch offices to around 20 customer support centers; redesign of a plant that manufactures high performance textiles to double production capacity; assessment and redesign of several public radio stations; successful trust building with alienated board of trustees; chartering and improving performance of several executive teams. Earlier in his career,

Roger served as Director of Human Resources for an 1800 person electronics firm in the Northwest where he initiated a corporate training strategy, and served as leader of a cross-functional customer service team that improved work flow throughout the company. During his tenure, Roger also managed an HR staff of 13 people and changed the focus of the department from administrative to strategic. Corporate turnover was reduced by 21% through improved tracking, prescreening, exit interviews and better management of people. Roger is a prolific innovator of training and organizational development methodologies and products. He has written numerous publications, workbooks and leaders’ guides on the topics of leadership, personal effectiveness, high performance teams, strategic planning, organizational assessment and design, and interpersonal dialogue. Roger and Preston Pond have certified over 800 independent consultants nationwide to use their consulting and development products.

Roger intervenes at the personal, team and organizational levels to create high performing companies. Using his engaging style, he has also delivered hundreds of workshops, retreats and seminars around the country which have been acclaimed as among the most powerful learning experiences available anywhere.

Roger completed a year of graduate study in Organizational Behavior at Brigham Young University and received a Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Minnesota